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Why Do You Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Does your business own or operate vehicles? Do you have any employees who drive as a part of their job? Do you lease fleet vehicles to someone else? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need a commercial auto insurance plan to cover your business. If you use a vehicle for any work purposes whatsoever, even if the vehicle is personally owned, your private insurance policy may not cover an accident if you or an employee is performing a work-related task. To learn more, call our team today.

Personal Insurance Plans Are No Substitute

The needs of your business are likely much more complex than a private auto insurance plan. Personal policies cover a single driver in a particular vehicle. Our comprehensive policies provide more flexibility for the needs of your daily operations. Commercial plans can cover any vehicle, rented equipment or trailer used for a work-related purpose. Moreover, you can find plans that carry a higher payout limit since businesses are at a higher risk of liability issues.

Protecting Your Business

Unexpected events are a part of life. That's why having trustworthy insurance is so important. With our help, you can rest assured that, no matter the accident, you and your business will be protected. Our commercial auto insurance plans can cover you, your vehicles, your equipment and more. There are many customizable options that can be tailored to nearly any work requirement. Your peace of mind is worth getting a free estimate from Carmar Insurance Agency.

Tailored Features for Your Fleet

Since we offer plans from multiple competing insurance carriers, you can compare and choose the perfect plan for your business. With us, you can select add-ons, including roadside assistance, high liability limits, locksmith service, fuel delivery, personal effects insurance, uninsured motorist coverage, emergency coverage and more. Don't let the unexpected catch you by surprise. Let us help you protect your business.